Sunday, 28 April 2013


Ehem ehem. Start. You know what... heading to the end of my Islamic Banking degree course is awesome and ,it also scared. I am cringed thinking about my future. What I am gonna be. A man that I will going to marry. 

It's so scary to think in a few years, maybe I am busy calculating marriage budget and someday I might have a children and apparently they won't pay for their own milk and diapers. And then I will have house rent to pay for, car loans, PeeTeePeeTeeEnd, and a gazillion more bills to be settle. 

For some of us lucky ones, life has been good all along. I live comfortably and everything is Bank Mom & Dad. When real life begins after graduation and secure a job, bill will start being address to me and suddenly I will get to learn the parts of my car engine and what on earth a carburetor or something that sound like that means. Future oh future.

On top of that, Thank you so much mak ku for bought me the new hand bag and wallet. See? Everything is Bank Mom&Dad ehem. Typical girl you've said to me.. pheww

Because I am expecting few years more I will be a mom with 7 kids, eheh comel sangat tu. Thus, I spend my  last saturday morning, attended the 'Kursus Ibu Bapa A+'

What I can concluded from the talk....

And then recently I met my old friend and we had a simple picnic at the lake somewhere in Putrajaya. I never been there before but the view was so peace and lovely.

KFC Spicy Korean for the sepets.

The topic for the discussions are by looking back our school days, our FUTURE, studies and business.

And of course, PRU 13!

 Then, we did burn our calories by walking 50 meters ahead towards the car park. Suddenly we felt how a health conscious we are *proud* (-_-) DASAR BUNCITS 

And tomorrow at the early 5.20 a.m in the morning I will heading to Zaty's house. Perform subuh prayer at her house first. 6.15 a.m, we are together heading to Shah Alam. KERJA OH KERJA!! 

My Thesis Progress?
Uhuk uhuk...
Far away from perfect. Hmph

Let us pray. For the best. For Allah's rahmah.

Rabbi Yassir Wala tu'assir. Rabbi tham mim bil hayr. Rabbi zidni 'ilman war zuqni fahman.

Oh Allah, make things easier for me, do not make things difficult for me. Oh Allah, let my affairs end with goodness. Oh Allah, increase my knowledge and grant me understanding.