Monday, 13 August 2012

Tired of being Sorry

Oh stitch, I can feel you. Hug me now. You are so cute. Let's sobs sobs together wit me! :'(

I gotta say what's on my mind. There are something about that doesn't seems right these days. Dealing with a person who will take your patience most and at the end of these your heart will be falling apart, depressed and suffocating. Until I don't know how to put in sentence.

Then what I can do is crying in the rain with thunderstorm and nobody will notice my sobbing and tears. Oh I am tired. Over so many things. My future.. What will I be? Deep sigh :'(

When I am depressed, fikiran ni mesti terlintas imiginasi pelik. I am wondering and felt that kaktus adalah tumbuhan yang paling teruk terluka. Sudah terluka, tidak dipeduli. Kesian Si Kaktus :/ ( What the merepek about by me uhukkk)

I'm sick thinking that I am not good enough. Arghh so many emotional conflicts yet I wanna scream so badly.

Hmm, writing in blog such an alternative to make me calm. The way I expressed myself. My sadness slowly fade away. Now, I can smile. It is fake smile? I don't know. I'm just wanna be happy go lucky jyeahhh :'D

Oh Allah, I'm not asking You to end this storm soon. Rather, I am asking You to make me stronger. Ya Allah, You are my greatest love. Alhamdulillah.